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When Chris Haynes is mugged one evening, a nightmare begins. Already struggling to cope as a single parent with his son, Bradley, Chris is attacked again – only this time the mugger uses his name and, more menacingly, hints at knowing something disturbing about Bradley. What is it that Chris feels so guilty about? Who is Bradley’s friend, Gordon and what is his relationship with the mugger? And what is hidden under the floor of the Haynes’ summer house? As the blackmail intensifies so does the violence, and with the stakes running high, someone stands to lose everything – even their life. 


Geoffrey Madeley has a problem. His wife, Claire has a secret hidden on her mobile phone, and the more she tries to hide it from him, the more he thinks he knows what it is. Claire is his whole world, his soul mate. Without her he is nothing. He must act decisively. So he contrives a plan to send bogus text messages to his rival from his wife in order to discover the truth. The replies from Claire’s 'lover' confirm his darkest suspicions, and he fears he is about to lose her forever. Geoff won’t let someone take the love of his life away without a fight, however. And desperate men can do desperate things.

NINE LIVES (v2).jpg


A few years from now every woman in Britain wears the burqa. They don’t work. Their rights have been eroded. Mostly they rot at home, for every British female is the victim of a biological terror attack that strikes at the heart of our way of life. An immigrant girl, however, may hold the key to finding a cure; and as the ransom deadline approaches one man must stand up for justice.


The stories in Nine Lives all concern adult men, and how living in a ‘man’s world’ can often be more of a problem than a solution. Some are tragedies, but there are also satisfying resolutions and moments of humour. Both men and women will appreciate the experiences of these vulnerable characters, whose collective message is that recognising our weaknesses can sometimes be our greatest strength.

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For Don Wallis, Mary is the ideal wife. She does what she’s told, when she’s told, no matter how extreme or twisted the demand. So it’s a good thing for them both that Mary isn’t really Don’s wife. In fact, she isn’t even human: she’s an android sex toy that Don has had specially made to look and sound like his former wife. But the real Mrs Wallis isn't dead and she still has issues with Don that can only been settled face to face...

Dumb Angel is the title story from this new collection of nine screenplays from the author of Bully For You and Nine Lives.

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This collection of claustrophobic stage dramas begins with ‘Chalk for Cheese’, a play about guilt, loss and reconciliation between a father and son, with a distinctly peculiar resolution. ‘Stitching the Cherry’ is a three-act family drama, again centered on the unfinished business of guilt and loss, this time between two rival siblings. The third play, ‘Walking Through Wire’ is the only one to be staged to date (2014), and tackles the subject of homosexuality, both in Germany’s Belsen-Bergen concentration camp, and in Great Britain with code-breaker Alan Turing, during the Second World War. ‘This is a sharply acted, stripped-back play that lays bare some difficult questions about the barbarism of human nature,’ said the Camden Review.

TRAPDOORS Stage Plays (V2).jpg


Four contemporary radio plays featuring a visit from beyond the grave, a horrific accident caused by a hot-headed teenager, the smiling face of the new far right in British politics, and a black comedy about fundamentalist terrorism. Tripwires is where darkness rises.



This chilling collection is an ideal choice for those late night reads you know you really shouldn’t look at. The shocking secrets and twisted plots will both captivate and disturb you. From the disconcerting to the outright scary, there’s something to unnerve the bravest of dark fiction fans. Your heart will beat that little bit faster as the Dark Hearts chase you deep into a restless sleep.



A surge in savage attacks, random and always at night, stretches police resources to the brink of collapse.

Joe Hawthorne has been a copper for twenty years, so he should have the experience to deduce what’s happening. But time is against him, as the brutal, motiveless attacks threaten to shred the very fabric of civilisation before his eyes.

Fighting to save his colleagues and family, Hawthorne must find a way to escape the carnage. With his luck and courage close to breaking point, only a miracle can prevent him and his band of survivors from becoming infected too.

For what he is witnessing must surely be the rise of the undead. If the devastation looks like a zombie apocalypse, and the screams sound like a zombie apocalypse, then what other explanation could there be? Despite the devouring flames, the sickening violence, and the rabid insanity he encounters at every turn, there’s just one snag, however.

Joe Hawthorne hasn’t seen a single zombie anywhere.



An unexpected visit from a stranger brings dark news for widowed Christine. Her home health monitor, the House, has concerns over her safety. Her House can prove that she forgets things. Her House insists she is at risk. And the House is never wrong.

Christine must be assessed, and, if necessary, treated against her will in hospital.

Determined developer Tom O’Sullivan, sensing an opportunity to finally grab Christine’s house from under her feet, also begins to turn the screw. But this is her home, not just some vacant plot to build on. She won’t budge, not at any price. O’Sullivan, however, is not the type to take no for an answer. But though his harassment threatens violence, she can prove nothing to those in authority. Her sleep is broken, her appetite stolen, and inexplicable things are happening within what feels increasingly like a prison. Could the House be right?




Having escaped a corrosive relationship, Wendy decides to treat herself to the latest, must-have accessory: a trans-dimensional wardrobe.

But this model is unique. This model has a second, secret doorway.

The old Wendy would have reported the fault straight away. But where’s the fun in that?

The secret door is ancient, scarred and burnt. The secret door starts to open. An uninvited guest appears, strangely familiar and desperate to make contact with her.

A spectre from her past.

Someone she has already buried once.

Now the door won’t close and her visitor won’t leave. Alone and fearing for her sanity, Wendy must revisit her tormented past and confront horrors that threaten to smother her reborn self at birth.

This terrifying blend of science fiction and the supernatural will leave you sleeping with the lights on for weeks. Your wardrobe will never look the same again.


For those with big reading appetites, why not devour these two bumper collections?

WHERE DARKNESS RISES contains all my published short stories to date, plus a few prize relics, including the 'lost' novella, Intensive Care.

TWISTED VIGILANTES contains 'he novella 'Bully for You', and two novels, 'Glass Alibi' and 'The House Rules'.



Isolated and struggling to cope, April Hudson is haunted by the ghosts of her past, whilst her future is threatened by evil portents. But how much of her experience is the product of a troubled mind and how much is due to the influence of the malign environment besieging her?

Malevolent shadows are dancing in the windows again.

Twisted thoughts are tormenting her once more.

Even her young son Jack is behaving oddly. Is that why the other children in the village won’t play with him? And who is the mysterious new friend he talks of so often but who April has never met? She wants to believe it is just a lonely child’s innocuous fantasy, but she can’t help worrying that it might be the invention of a failing mind. April cannot confide in her husband either. She knows what he thinks: that she is, was and always will be mentally unhinged. Unless there is another explanation. After all, this is a very old house in a corner of England long known as a ‘troubled place’. Could Jack’s imaginary friend be a forlorn ghost, or something even worse?

Alone and sinking fast, like a witch thrown into a pond, April has only her harrowing thoughts and secret terrors for company. As the pressure builds, can she survive this latest, darkest crisis or will the shards from a shattered past finally rip her apart?

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